Wheatgrass fast

Why a wheatgrass fast?

Doing a fast is always good to detoxify, just like we have a GI system and an endocrine system, we also have an elimination system meant to detoxify our bodies. This system becomes clogged with everyday toxins, not just the refined foods that we eat, but pollution, carpets, plastics, office materials, etc…

But if we go from eating a diet of refined sugars, flours, eggs, meat and their milks to suddenly nothing, we will probably go into an all out healing crisis. Healing crisis come about because of a good change, the problem is when they are so strong that overshadow any possible benefits. If we fast while using wheatgrass and other green juices, a healing crisis does not come, the juice that we will be drinking during the fast will not provide any worthwhile calories but it will provide vitamins and minerals to sustain the body during the strong deprivation of food.

Wheatgrass is a superfood, but it is not in the same category as spirulina, chlorella, etc… The big difference is that wheatgrass is not dried, so when consumed it has not lost any of its properties.

Herbivore animals cannot sustain themselves on vegetables but they can on grass. One study showed guinea pigs on vegetables and then on spinach, and they did not have enough nutrition to live as long and as good quality of life.

One of the things that I found very significant was that when Ann Wigmore started using wheatgrass in her diet her purpose was to cure her life long battle with colitis. Well, I don’t even have to say that the problem was solved forever without any recurrence, but her white hair turned a shiny brown. Perhaps that does not matter to most people, since it is just cosmetic, but medically it is harder to turn back your white hairs than to cure colitis.

Some of the other uses of wheatgrass: it can be chewed when you have a sore throat, it quickly removes bad breath from garlic, alcohol or tobacco. If you have gingivitis, make sure to chew on a few leaves a couple times a day. Wheatgrass heals cancer, I did not say cures since as Ann Wigmore clearly explains cancer cannot be cured, but the cells can be regenerated by new healthy cells. It can also clear cystitis and vaginal infections. It rids the body of free radicals. Wheatgrass also provides very restful sleep, one of the benefits reported is shortening of hours slept at night and increased energy during the day.

Wheatgrass even works as a deodorant, it quickly removes garlic and tobacco breath. Body odor is a little harder to correct because is a the secretion from the body that gives bad odor when it becomes in contact with bacteria on the skin. It will take a diet of regular wheatgrass juices for about 3 weeks.

I want to make sure this article stays short and concise to the point so I cannot mention the pathways and mechanisms of how wheatgrass is a superfood. But if you are interested make sure to look up Ann Wigmore and The Hippocrates Institute, or just wheatgrass and its properties.

What does the fast consist of?

In this fast we will be drinking shots of wheatgrass and juice from green vegetables throughout the day. The ideal situation is for each person to make their own juices, they will have the maximum amount of nutrients when drank right after juiced. If you need to buy the juices they will have to be made there, nothing pasteurized and bottled will serve the purpose.

When our bodies start to get detoxified so fast, all the mucus that has been clogging absorption gets excreted into the colon, the problem is that all that mucus does not come out and if we do not do regular enemas and wheatgrass implants throughout the 3 days that the fast lasts, then all that mucus will get reabsorbed and we will not get any of the fasting benefits.

What is a wheatgrass implant?

In many people, the lower bowel has its walls encrusted with debris and bulging with bubble-like diverticula. The use of an enema to cleanse the colon followed by a wheatgrass rectal implant or retention enema, helps stimulate peristaltic activity of the muscles that contract the colon wall. This helps to loosen deposits or lumps of mucus. In addition the high magnesium content draws fat out of the colon wall and the liver.

This part of the fast may make you a little uncomfortable but the removal of toxic and morbid matter from the colon is essential to healing.

– Fill a sterilized infant enema syringe with 1 to 2 oz of fresh juice and insert into the rectum. Minutes later, the bowels will move hurriedly, try another 1 to 2 oz implant and also let it out if it wants to come. A third implant of 2 to 6 oz will usually be retained with ease. Hold it until you feel the need to eliminate (usually 20 min). Sometimes your body will have absorved all the juice after 20 minutes, there is no danger of reabsorbing toxins if you have purged the colon first with other implants or enemas.

What does a typical day look like?

Ideally we will do 3 days of fasting, everyday will be the same and the fourth day we should wake up to a breakfast of fresh fruits and a lunch of lots of greens and sprouts and no oil. The terms breakfast, lunch, dinner indicate a reference of time.


-Simple water enema
-Wheatgrass implant
-8 oz glass of lemon water or rejuvelac with honey
½ hour later – wheatgrass juice
½ hour later – green drink


-Wheatgrass implant
-Lemon water or rejuvelac drink


-Wheatgrass juice
-Green drink


-Wheatgrass juice
-Green drink

Before bed

-Wheatgrass implant for sound sleep

Day after fast

-Fresh fruit for breakfast
-Salad with sprouts, greens and no oil.

How to grow wheatgrass?

– Sprout organic wheatberries. In a quart glass jar fill up 1 cup of dry wheatberries and cover with filtered water, the lid has to be screen or cheese cloth. Let the wheatberries soak overnight for 12 hours. Then drain and rinse and sit at a 45 degree angle for another 12 hours.

Up close sprouted wheatberries

– Spread soil (50-50 topsoil and peatmoss or screened compost) 1 inch deep on plastic trays with covers. Leave shallow trenches around the edges to catch excess water. The wheatberries should be touching each other but none on top. Sprinkle with water, not swampy and cover with another tray. This creates a mini-ecosystem that duplicates the conditions under which wheat would normally grow outdoors. Set it aside for 2 (warmer weather) to 3 days (colder weather).

– After the 2 or 3 days, uncover, water them and set in indirect light.

– One known problem is mold, if you see mold try new seeds, less water and a cooler location (65 to 75 degrees.)

– Now that the trays are out in the light they will need to be watered daily or almost daily.

– One thing you can do for added trace minerals and iodine is mix in one tablespoon of kelp for one of the waterings.

– The trays should always be sprinkled and moist, if by accident it dries out, don’t flood them with water, this will shock them and decrease nutrient content. If that happens the wheatgrass won’t be able to stand up straight but that doesn’t matter, the nutrient content will still be very good.

– After about 6 to 12 days the wheatgrass will be 7-10 inches long and ready to harvest. Cut as close to the soil as possible, this is because many nutrients concentrate there. You can store cut wheatgrass for up to 7 days in the refrigerator but once juiced it will only last half an hour. If you are going to store it in the refrigerator make sure it is not wet.

– The wheatgrass will come up several times after that as long as it does not reach the joining stage (about 7 inches tall.)

– After that the best thing to do with the mat of root and soil is to compost it, that way you will have soil for trays in the future.

How about some recipes?

You can certainly drink the wheatgrass by itself as I will probably do, but here are some recipes for when you want to mix it:

Green drink with grass
1 bunch wheatgrass (2/3 inch diameter)
3 oz mixed green and sprout juice (7 handfuls of whole ingredients)
3 oz of carrot juice (3 carrots)

Vegetable grass drink
3 oz carrot juice
3 oz celery juice (2 stalks)
1 ½ oz wheagrass juice
½ oz parsley juice

Wheat – beet juice
1 ½ oz wheatgrass juice
1 oz beet juice (1/2 a beet)
6 oz cucumber juice (1/2 cucumber)

Wheatgrass cocktail
1 ½ oz wheatgrass juice
6 oz fresh apple juice (2 apples)

1 ½ oz wheatgrass juice
6 oz pineapple juice (1/4 pineapple)
2 ice cubes
3 leaves fresh mint

Wheatgrass Rind juice
1 ½ oz wheatgrass juice
6 oz watermelon rind juice.

And here are some green drinks recipes.

– Fill a quart jar with a cup of wheatberries and fill with filtered water. Let it sit undisturbed for 48 hours.
– Strain out the liquid rejuvelac and leave the berries and sediment in the jar.
– Refill the jar with water and set aside once more for 24 hours. Pour off the rejuvelac again saving the berries and refill for the third and last time with water.
– Allow it to ferment for 24 hours and then pour off the rejuvelac and this time discard the original wheatberries.
– It tastes tart, add honey or lemon. Keep in the refrigerator for 3 days maximum.
– You can start alternating batches to always have some on hand.

Basic green drink
4 cups alfalfa or other sprouts
4 cups sunflower and buckwheat greens
½ cup carrots
½ cup red pepper
¼ cup parsley
1 cup cucumber

Garden green drink
4 cups sprouts
4 cups greens
2 cups kale or collard greens
1 cup celery
½ cup sauerkraut

Green power cocktail
4 cups sprouts
4 cups greens
1 cup celery
1 cup kale
1 cup beets
½ cup wheatgrass

Spring green drink
4 cups sprouts
4 cups greens
1 cup lamb’s quarters
½ cup dandelion greens
¼ cup scallion
1 cup carrots

Any other preparations?

It is important that you prepare yourself mentally for this fast. Don’t do it on a normal working day to make it go by faster. Be present and feel the changes and learn about every part.

This is what you should expect from the hunger. It will come in waves lasting no more than 45 minutes and then it passes, then you won’t be hungry for 30 minutes to 4 hours and then another hunger wave will come. This will go on for 2 days and usually around the third day the hunger goes away completely.

For longer fasts the hunger does not return until your body needs the nutrients. When the hunger returns do not ignore it this time. I am just giving this part of information to help you understand hunger, but longer fasts are not necessary.

You might do mild exercise or at least mild enough until you understand yourself and what you are capable of during fasting times

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